Wilson Leywantono is a composer currently based in Indonesia. His music has been performed in the UK, the Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Wilson also has worked with many professional ensemble and performers such as Orkest de Ereprijs, New European Ensemble, Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble, Azalais Quartet, Hordienal Quartet, Decibel, Le Page Ensemble, the Schubert Ensemble, Thallein Plus Ensemble, Fumiko Miyachi, Mary Wiegold, Rowland Sutherland, Miriam Kitchener, etc.

His works has been part of festivals, series including Orkest de Ereprijs’s Young Composers Meeting, Ideas of Noise, Spring Festival The Hague, Research Concert Cycle (RCC), Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble’s Asia Corridor, Harmos Festival, the Malaysian Composer Series, 15 second harp and Frontiers Festival.

He holds a Master in Composition in Koninklijk Conservatorium (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague) under the guidance of Yannis Kyriakides, Jan van de Putte, Silvia Borzelli and Alison Isadora. Wilson also obtained his Bachelor of Music in Composition at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, where he studied with Andrew Hamilton, Michael Wolters, Fumiko Miyachi, Ed Bennett, Howard Skempton, Andrew Toovey, Edwin Roxburgh and Richard Leigh Harris. As part of his studies in Birmingham, Wilson also was selected to be part of the Erasmus Exchange programme to study at Zeneakadémia in Hungary to study with Fekete Gyula and Balázs Horváth.

Some of the highlights in 2017 for him was in April 2017 in which his collaborative piece My Heavenly Jewel (audio here) was part of Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust installation in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK; Later in October 2017 his orchestral piece piece for 2×18 musicians (audio here) was premiered by Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Alternative Orchestra at the new Conservatoire building Bradshaw Hall.

In April 2019, Wilson had a chance to work with New European Ensemble, one of the leading ensemble in the Netherlands on a new piece ‘gangsa’. In March 2019, Wilson also had the privilege to work with Azalais Quartet to premiere the first two movements of ‘String Quartet no 2.1’ as part of Harmos Festival in Porto, Portugal. In February 2018, his work for saxophone and piano piece for saxophone and left-hand piano 1 (audio here) was selected by Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble as part of their concert series “Asia Corridor”.  To date, his largest work as a composer was a six-movement work titled Mademoiselle Pogany for which he and ten fellow students from Birmingham Conservatoire, under the name POTRET ensemble, which premiered on the 6th of March 2017.

photo credit to Marije van den Berg.